Tuesday, June 2, 2009

whew....what a long day

So this is my first venture on a blog, so please, please be patient with me! The past couple of days I have gotten a lot of inspiration to set up an etsy shop, create logos, start a blog, all the while trying to sew many different projects. Now, keep in mind, this was all done while visiting my parents (they may have think I've moved in) who love my work, but are a little hesitant about other things.

Anyways, I've been hacking away at the computer, so much that Bailey (yes, the store is named after my poodle!) has started to lay across the keyboard and lick my arms feriociously! I can't figure out if he is jealous of the computer, or is boycotting Facebook and blogspot. Of course, he always gets his way, so there have been many Bailey initiated breaks.

Anyways, I made several dresses yesterday, so much that I know the measurements and cuts by heart now! I love making the dresses becuase they almost come alive after the last steps are complete. If only I had children to make them for :)

Other than the dresses, embroidering has keep me extremely busy. After finally convincing my boy friend that monograms WERE awesome, I bought some new towels for him and made them really pretty! I have also been working on making monogrammed bows to match my dresses, those are still to come though! So long for now, check back for more pictures and events!


  1. Katy I love the new pictures! :) They look so much more inviting! I am excited for you!

  2. Totally awesome! You need a little girl model! Love that you are doing this!

  3. Thanks! I'm waiting for Jolee...she is just too cute!