Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I got a model!

There have been some questions about "children"from yesterday, lets just clear that up! NO, I don't want to have children any time soon (maybe not for 10 years!), I just wanted children to make things for! So, little Jolee, a child of a friend came over to take pictures. When she wants, she is one of the cutest little girls, but when she doesn't....oh's gonna have her hands full with this one. Anyways, I had her dress up to take pictures of the dresses, and she told me very frankly which ones she wanted to wear, and which she didn't! After some coercing from Mom and a little bribe from me, we finally got her into everything (and of course she loved them). The new pictures are on the slide show...but here is a really cute one:

Other than that, I have been busily working on finding new patterns for my dresses, and embroidering different things for people. I found this wonderful polka-dot pattern for a Fourth of July outfit. The new dress pattern is to the left :)

Most of my free time was spent organizing my mothers classroom (she is a teacher as well - for those who don't know), chasing Bailey back from the neighbors house, and helping my 83 year old grandpa get on facebook. He loves the internet so its hilarious to invite him to new frontiers. I don't know if he understands that his facebook and email are seperate yet, guess that comes with time.
Off to create...bye for now!

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